AdWords PPC

We love Google AdWords

PPC is good at two things over SEO – understanding the cost of visitors (especially those that don’t buy) and speed.A good PPC campaign manager can be up and running in 20 minutes. With a brand new, hitherto used domain name. You can’t do that in SEO.

SEO is a marathon, PPC is Ussain Bolt

By the time you’ve guessed that a Keyword wasn’t worth ranking for, you’ve invested at least a couple of weeks. Not only will you find out faster with AdWords, you’ll find much more long tail to scratch around with. Google is pretty good on close proximity word matching with SEO, but it becomes a Gold Medal Winner in PPC – which is where most SEO’s do a lot of long tail research anyway.

But my clients don’t click on Ads!

Forget it – of course they do. And right now they’re clicking on your competitors. As much as 30% of clicks from searches will go to AdWords. You should be there. Ads tell users that the websites behind them are definitely active and alive and interested in their business. Google is so good at removing affiliates and web spam from its AdWords platform, that people feel just as safe with Ads as they do with organic results.

The message is: don’t give up on SEO but don’t ignore PPC

As a Google “Engage for Agencies” Agency, we’d be delighted to help you get up and running with a new account – and where appropriate, we’ll get you your first €75.00 to get you started!