New Design and Here’s Why

We would be the first to admit that our website was looking a bit tired.  So we spent some time on working on a new home page that we hoped reflected our business and focus. We didn’t just want to focus on the User Experience as  we are also wanted to provide more value to customers who […]

The Google Penguin Update and How to Recover

The recent Penguin update, which started to roll out on the 17th of October, has left most of the SEO community wondering what Google wanted to achieve.  A damp squib is the most common reference to it and recoveries have been muted with little traffic increase to the sites that have recovered. Google, as usual, […]

Building an Open Network and the SDN Gathering in Dublin

We are excited to announce our support of the first Open Tech Ireland event on June 30th in Royal Hospital Kilmainham and will be sponsored by KEMP Technologies. A host of international speakers will gather together to discuss, present and participate in the first steps to build an SDN community in Ireland. With the adoption […]

Startup and Investor Day – University of Limerick – 9th May 2014

This an excellent event for Startups in Ireland and the Mid-West – The Wild Atlantic Start-up Event – 9th of May in the University with Business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors. If you have any interest in investing, start-ups, business or technology, this is for you. We need your participation to ensure that this is a […]

Get more Google SEO data with the new GWT Updates

Thanks to Google’s Webmaster Tools (GWT) team for this weeks latest and much welcomed updates. I’m sure that these two especially will be very warmly received by SEO’s and Webmasters everywhere! Search Queries and Algorithm Updates Google is now telling Webmasters in their Search Query Graphs exactly when they updated and changed their algorithm, so […]

Inbound Marketing: You’re (probably) doing it wrong

Inbound marketing is a big buzzword at the moment along with content marketing and brand journalism and a host of other related phrases that are encapsulated by that phrase. Social Media is of course an important part of your overall Inbound Marketing strategy but the very unfortunate thing is that too many people don’t use […]

LimerickOpen – an evening Limerick Open Coffee every month

A new, regular digital meetup for Limerick in the evenings – welcome to LimerickOpen. LimerickOpen, based on DalkeyOpen, is a new extension to the popular Limerick Open Coffee Club format that runs regularly every month.  LimerickOpen will be a social monthly, open event (the usual order applies no business cards, pitching, etc). Please comment if […]