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Investing in the wrong things

Resources are scarce and if you’re a creative marketer, or businessman or an artist you have to ask your self some serious questions at the start of any worthwhile project. What are you going to invest in and why? ANd then you have to... Read More

SEO and content marketing = Context!

I’ve written a lot about SEO and Content as a marketing partnership. SEO essentially creates a channel – much the way a large facebook or twitter following do. Content ISN’T marketing, its sales+marketing. SEO is traffic development, which with content = marketing. So we... Read More

Advice for Launching a Social Media Presence

This post was originally a response to a questions asked on LinkedIn. “What do you think is the best piece of advice for companies launching a social media presence?” The watchwords for any company thinking about delving into social media are investment and resource... Read More

The LEGO Great Ball Contraption

Fantastic video demonstrating the power of LEGO and the human mind. The age of the Internet and developments in engineering mean that we can do more and more things without the need for specialist skillsets and tools. LEGO Great Ball Contraption Read More