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Investing in the wrong things

Resources are scarce and if you’re a creative marketer, or businessman or an artist you have to ask your self some serious questions at the start of any worthwhile project. What are you going to invest in and why? ANd then you have to... Read More

Are you Tofu or Steak?

Are you Tofu or Steak?

Tofu is bland and innoffensive. It’s a protein replacement that you can have and your conscience won’t be prcked about eating an animal. It’s renewable and environmentally friendly. It can be flavoured to taste (somewhat) like meat or indeed anything at all really. Steak tastes fantastic.... Read More

Grass Growers and Grass Cutters

A problem that is common in modern business and particularly in marketing is applying old thinking to a new situation, product, technology or problem and not realising that in the information age consumers can get informed and inform each other. Football pitches through the... Read More