Google, SEO and the Battleground for Mobile

Mobile SEO

The importance of  SEO for mobile coupled with how mobile friendly your website is, and it’s impact on SEO and your website’s placement on search engine result pages (SERPS) for mobile has been understood by SEO professionals for some time. Barry Schwartz of Search Engine land spoke of mobile indexing way back in early 2016 so it […]

Get more Google SEO data with the new GWT Updates

Thanks to Google’s Webmaster Tools (GWT) team for this weeks latest and much welcomed updates. I’m sure that these two especially will be very warmly received by SEO’s and Webmasters everywhere! Search Queries and Algorithm Updates Google is now telling Webmasters in their Search Query Graphs exactly when they updated and changed their algorithm, so […]

Inbound Marketing: You’re (probably) doing it wrong

Inbound marketing is a big buzzword at the moment along with content marketing and brand journalism and a host of other related phrases that are encapsulated by that phrase. Social Media is of course an important part of your overall Inbound Marketing strategy but the very unfortunate thing is that too many people don’t use […]

My favourite SEO Myths

  Ah, SEO Myths. They’ve been with us forever. Chances are that 50% of the SEO facts that many people hold dear are myths. Almost all of these have been debunked by now (but also subject to change). So what’s the problem? Well, myths are myths and they’re fine if you’re putting a baby to […]

Why SEO and PPC could cost you more in 2013

    2013 is a big year for Search Marketing. People have been searching the internet (the www part) since the appearance of the first search engine, Archie, in 1990. We’re still searching – and not just on Google. Yandex is the supremo in Russia and neighbouring countries and Baidu reigns supreme in China. According to […]

Google Updates its Analytics Administration Centre

Google’s Analytics tool, initially acquired, followed a different security, admin and account structure to it’s AdWords Sibling. Similarly, Google’s Webmaster Tools was developed, seemingly, in a silo of it’s own. The result – administration of either has been unwieldly, clumsy and downright dangerous. Too many companies have been locked out of their own accounts by […]

What you need to know about Google, Mobile and SEO

No doubt that this will reach hysterical proportions by Thursday but in the interest of casting some calm thoughts about this announcement before every mobile web design aficionado claims the end or death of something. The potential change to mobileSERP’s were  confirmed by the spam-team supremo himself:   Important: if your website has smartphone errors, we […]

Google’s Penguin 2 and SEO – things can only get better

A while back, in 2011 we published a Slideshare about SEO entitled a ‘Guide to bad SEO.’ I accurately predicted that most blackhat or spammy Agencies didn’t know what really was whitehat or blackhat. With the learning curve on Search Engine Optimisation ever on the increase, there’s never been a shortage of companies selling a […]

Professional Review – HubSpot

Hubspot seems to be a very well marketed company. Within different groups of online marketeers (often fractious and fragmented though it may sometimes appear to be) – Hubspot’s own marketing is pretty often respected. Their online guides are shared and often emulated, their infographics are the darlings of social media and their research is quite […]