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Real Social Media Marketing

Real Social Media Marketing

Social is easy to use. Quick sign up. Do it on the fly. Take a photo, share a post, like – it’s meant to be easy.  The original ethos was fun, light and entertaining. Fast forward to today and it still is for millions of people. ... Read More

Social Media Management – an inside view

In 2010, we started looking at how our clients were managing and copying with Social Media, and realised we’d have to develop something better. Too many companies develop social media strategies that in effect, are the same as having a mega phone out in... Read More

Professional Review – HubSpot

Hubspot seems to be a very well marketed company. Within different groups of online marketeers (often fractious and fragmented though it may sometimes appear to be) – Hubspot’s own marketing is pretty often respected. Their online guides are shared and often emulated, their infographics... Read More

Advice for Launching a Social Media Presence

This post was originally a response to a questions asked on LinkedIn. “What do you think is the best piece of advice for companies launching a social media presence?” The watchwords for any company thinking about delving into social media are investment and resource... Read More

Link Bingo and the NNI Member hypocrisy

While it might be bemusing to some, this awkward fumbling while trying to get to grips with the internet is actually expensive and problematic. Remember when the BBC sued the internet because it had invented the hyperlink back in 2000? Are you a print... Read More