SlideShare are clever – and this vanity/ego boost e-mail, which is a really good take on the LinkedIn “Top 1%” and the G+ Year-in-Review auto video will no doubt get some good tweets and shares!
SlideShare can be a great thing for business – if you engage, rank and get shared with really good, high quality content, it rapidly becomes a free channel.
We get more views and traffic on SlideShare than any other source (apart from Google, of course!).
Us? We’re in the top 3% of content viewed – although I’d love to read the algorithm for that. But 12k views in 2013 isn’t to be sniffed at.

2 Responses to “Clever Slideshare: Are you in the top X%? How did that make you feel?”

  1. Agree with everything you said about it being a move in the right direction Anton, but personally I feel they haven’t moved far enough. At least, they haven’t moved there yet.

    Personally, I think they should be trying to make more of their current position. If they focused the algorithm (again, who knows how they currently have it set up) more on engagement rates and gave a clear guidance on how it works (without specific numbers for gaming), they could certainly leverage their position as an end destination and platform in its own right rather than just a means to an end.

    I guess it depends on what their goals are for the future. I’ve no idea if they’re looking at things like event organisation functionality, live streaming presentation functionality, or something completely different that compliments the existing offering, but I can’t see consolidating their position in the market through increased conversation and engagement on their own platform as anything but a positive. At the moment this is part link bait and part a basic analytics package, I’d push to turn it into a paradigm shift in the minds of its users.

    • I hear you Paul. I would say that it’s more of a comment on their marketing. Using a percentage that is essentially meaningless (top 3%) to make you feel good about their platform and potentially re-invest time in it.

      The reason I say it’s meaningless, and this may also be the reason for the lack of deeper analysis, is that top 3% might just mean that of the 1 million users who signed up, you are among the 30,000 who actually use the site. It does make us feel good though. 🙂

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