A little while ago we were disappointed to see the big G do something quite irritating for advertisers. They forced a 30 day end to ad rotation instead of allowing ads to rotate indefinitely as per the wishes of the account owner. This annoyed a lot of PPC advertisers as it took control of their accounts away that they’d had before. Fairly reasonable to assume you can optimise better than an algorithm for your account especially when you’ve never seen it working.

Now unusually for Google they’ve actually listened and somewhat backtracked. This announcement gives 2 ways of resolving the problem

  1. You can opt out completely… go here for the form.
  2. If you don’t opt out the ad rotation window is now 90 days instead of 30. Much better for figuring out what’s working.

Great news for those who had to manually restart their rotation every 30 days, if you wanted ads to keep rotating. Even better news if your interpretation of the most successful ad is not the same as Googles.

Not just about clicks, it’s about improvement


The obvious problem here was a failure to acknowledge that the “best” ad might not necessarily be the one that gets the most clicks. Campaign cost and conversion ratios are important as well and we find that a balanced approach to how you view these things is best.

At PrimaryPosition,  understanding and advising on PPC advertising, as well as running campaigns, is one of the main services we offer so we feel this is quite important.

If I have an ad that is doing quite well and I’m testing it against other creative ads why would it be assumed that I can find the best ad inside 30 days. Do we really believe that continuous improvement and measurement aren’t necessary?

Surely the search for continual improvement and relevance is important not only to advertisers but also to Google and ultimately the user.

This new announcement is evidence that Google feels this way about advertising too and that they do listen.


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  1. Michael says:

    Anton, good news then that Google has recently introduced an indefinite option!

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