In a search for “Facebook Marketing” to see which innovative Irish businesses were ranking well, I was surprised to see a ad!


Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads in Google

What’s interesting is that Facebook aren’t exactly doing a great job at it – firstly, they should be trying a lot harder with their display URL – and with a better QS and Domain Match, they should be able to stay at #1 for anything “Facebook” related, especially as they have it trademarked (and the word Face too, apparently). ¬†Maybe they’re too shy to ask Google to intervene!

At least they are using Site links – but again, not the best use. I’d wager that anybody who has an account (see the site link for “Manage Account) would already know something about Ads and have a campaign already – so this could be a bit wasteful!

I wonder if they’ll opt to link their Google+account? Probably not….

4 Responses to “Facebook are advertising on Google Search (but not very well!)”

  1. Gianni says:

    First 4 results for me.

    nice new site design btw.

  2. First 3 results for me are

    • David Quaid says:

      HI Johnny – do you mean the first 3 organic results? Yes, they probably are for most users. We’re talking about their ad spots – they’re not the highest bidder!

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