That’s right, glad I tell you.

You may have heard the news today about Chrome overtaking Internet Explorer, well I’m glad. Why am I glad? It’s not because I hate Microsoft (Although I’m not a huge fan of some versions of IE) or because I’m not a fan of Firefox, I am, it’s not because we love SEO and therefore Google here at PrimaryPosition. It’s not even because we enjoy the tit-for-tat between Microsoft and Google, (but we do). It’s because finally the browser game is changing. It used to be all about inertia and now it’s all about the best experience.

Once upon a time Microsoft had a huge case against them for packaging their browser for free with the operating system. They paid out around $750 million to AOL the parent of Netscape to settle that anti-trust case. What’s fascinating about that case is that today the case itself would be irrelevant.

More knowledge Less Fear

To begin with Microsoft still packages their browser with their OS, it’s just that users are choosing not to use it. This means that the inertia that protected browser companies has almost completely gone. Web users have now grown up with the web and they know they can try a new browser experience with very little risk. So they are and they’re sticking with the one they feel gives them the best experience.

What does it mean?

It means two things. First that we’re finally entering an era where the user experience is above all. Remembering that experience is everything that a browser has available to it including extensions. We may finally be entering an era of rapid innovation in browsers as Microsoft and Mozilla respond. Second that it demonstrates that just because there is one overwhelingly massive incumbent and a successful upstart struggling to overtake them already in the browser industry it doesn’t mean you can’t take them both on and win. I look forward to seeing how the other browsers both small and large respond to this news. I’d love to see a new upstart with a great product enter the race.

That’s why I’m glad…

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  1. I agree – Chrome has raised the bar considerably in recent years. The browser sync feature in particular is a great productivity booster.

    If history has taught me anything (and it hasn’t), once a browser gets to the stage where it has absolute market domination, then it’s days are numbered (first Netscape Navigator, then Internet Explorer). So it’s probably almost time to start looking for the next pretender to the throne.

    • Anton Mannering says:

      Thanks for the comment Ivan. I do hope you’re right. It looks like Facebook might be looking at Opera… Which might be interesting..

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