Google Support for In-depth Articles in Search and SEO

Google have announced new support for people writing longer articles and in-depth white papers and publishing these online. This includes the support of the Schema “Article” type. This is specifically good for research, students, white papers, authors and journalists, especially investigative journalists. Google posted a light explanation on their blog yesterday, via Pandu Nayak, a member of their technical staff.


Schema is Google’s preferred answer to the idea of the symantic Web – by building an incredibly smart and sophisticated indexing and retrieval system, the symantic web is built into Google’s search – you don’t even have to know it’s there.

Schema’s allow you to provide data about something – a hotel, a product and an article. You can read about Schema’s here.

Article Schema

There are four Article Schema types.

  • Blog Post
  • NewsArticle
  • ScholarlyArticle
  • TechAdvice

Copyright Notice

What is the In-Depth Article Update?

This indexing update allows publishers to tell Google what type of data, how it’s paginated (that the multiple pages are part of the same article, allowing Google to bring you to a specific page or list different pages within an article and to search across pages within an article. It also reinforces the Authorship

What’s new?

The article schema’s are exactly new, the real big news is that this update allows you to combine pagination, Authorship, Corporate logo into an “in-depth” article using any of the preferred Article Schema types and then the following:

  • Authorship Markup
  • Describe related Next and Previous Pages for the article via Rel=Next and Rel=Prev
  • Author’s are advised to use the Rel=Canonical too
  • Provide the organisation’s logo
  • Content is pulled from the rest of the HTML document, including the page title, description and keywords

Copyright and Ownership

The Article Schema also includes data on ownership and copyright. This includes the author, accountable person,  organisation, publication dates and even any embedded Audio clips. Very handy and a must use for bloggers too 🙂

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