Google’s Analytics tool, initially acquired, followed a different security, admin and account structure to it’s AdWords Sibling. Similarly, Google’s Webmaster Tools was developed, seemingly, in a silo of it’s own. The result – administration of either has been unwieldly, clumsy and downright dangerous. Too many companies have been locked out of their own accounts by Google’s weird and wonderful security validtion systems. And trying to link the three is even more difficult – in fact, waterboarding, I’ve been told is a lot more fun.

But Google have been trying and they’ve seemingly brought the three level’s of account administration – which you may call overkill if you only have one domain and can’t understand why you have several accounts, properties and assets listed – into a much simpler and much easier to use management centre.

We fully welcome this as it provides a single screen to connect your AdWords, GWT, Analytics, Social and other tools in one handy place. You can see all three tiers from one, so it’s difficult to get lost as we frequently did in the previous tree up/down UI provided before.


Google Analytics Admin Centre

Google Analytics Admin Centre



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