Internet Marketing for the Legal Profession

The legal profession has been of the last professions to enter the realm of Internet marketing, SEO and Social Media Marketing (SMM).  Ther is an understandable privacy, and lack of understanding as to how best to approach advertising, promoting and selling their services and expertise online.

This is not an issue.  We work with solicitors, lawyers and other legal companies to establish your online voice so that you at all times present your legal business in the most positive light.

We can provide

Optimising Your Legal Website (SEO)

You possibly already have a website so optimising each page carefully yo deliver clear information and also to convert your visitors into a targeted contact is important.  We help to craft each page so that it is engaging, clear and presents accurate information to establish the required trust and start the conversation with your client.

The goal of each page should be to deliver your service information in nonlegal terms so that it is not confusing without omitting your legal responsibility to each client.

Your site should also have clear privacy statements and of course terms and conditions as your website is not a legally binding document.