Resources are scarce and if you’re a creative marketer, or businessman or an artist you have to ask your self some serious questions at the start of any worthwhile project. What are you going to invest in and why? ANd then you have to commit to that idea. We all have experiences though of investing in the wrong thing.

How can you tell if you’re investing in the wrong thing?

Ask yourself 2 questions:

  • What is the real human need being fulfilled?
  • Is this the best way to achieve that right now? (Really double check this one)

Let’s not get too bogged down in detail. Often we invest in a particular medium of marketing or friendship or business because that’s “the way it’s always been done”.

Too often we fail to look at the constraints that created the traditional method in the first place, whether they really existed for long enough to be called traditional, and more importantly, whether they still exist or not. Traditional (read industrial) marketing is only a generation old for instance.

Our whole culture of commerce, industrialism and technology is a blip in human history where constraints burn away as fast as they are brought into existence by the popularisation of a new technology.

Perhaps we should consider more deeply why we do things a certain way and whether that is related to thousands or hundreds of years of human development, true tradition based on societal need, or whether, in the grand scheme, it’s only an outlier paradigm that exists now for a short time due to restrictions that shortly may no longer exist.

Spotify & 8 Track Tape: A warning from the past

For example this deeper understanding of people and what they really want explains the existence of Spotify and the death of the 8 Track tape.

Spotify exists because people love and want to hear music, 8 Track doesn’t because they don’t care how they hear it.

Spotify (and any organisation) should remember that no one has a desire for more Spotify…

Possibly more cowbell though… 😉

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