The LEGO Great Ball Contraption

Fantastic video demonstrating the power of LEGO and the human mind. The age of the Internet and developments in engineering mean that we can do more and more things without the need for specialist skillsets and tools. LEGO Great Ball Contraption Read More

Are you Tofu or Steak?

Are you Tofu or Steak?

Tofu is bland and innoffensive. It’s a protein replacement that you can have and your conscience won’t be prcked about eating an animal. It’s renewable and environmentally friendly. It can be flavoured to taste (somewhat) like meat or indeed anything at all really. Steak tastes fantastic.... Read More

Google Structured Data testing tool

Google have announced a new structured data testing tool, which they’ve posted for all levels of web masters (basically anyone who owns and/or manages a website). But just what is structured data and why should you care? Structured Data – a primer Structured data... Read More