Here’s our simple guide to getting interaction on a facebook page. It’s not fancy and it’s not even close to complete but it does give you a good idea of how to keep your fans engaged.

I’m not suggesting that this is everything you can do or even that all of these things will work for you. Test everything, try everything, ultimately your fans and customers will be the judge of how well executed your strategy is.

Transcript is included below. hope you find it useful

1. FACEBOOK PAGES – Some simple ways to get more interaction on your pages

2. Introduction• This guide isn’t the be-all and end-all it’s meant to be a smart simple guide to how to get interaction going on a brand page.• Exactly what strategy will work for YOUR business isn’t included. Test everything.• Have fun with this otherwise


4. Images• Images are huge on facebook. Not just photos but also images with nicely presented text or used to achieve any of the tactics mentioned further in. – You’ll be inspired how to use them as we go along. – “Good” imagery isn’t necessarily expensive or professional

5. Statuses• A status update can be any one of a hundred different things.• As Facebook is a social platform the more “human” your updates are the better.

6. Content Curation• It’s important to recognise that there is a lot of amazing Niche content out there that wants to be distributed.• If it’s on brand and interesting to your fans don’t be afraid to share it.• “Most of the smart people don’t work for you.” So if there is great relevant content don’t be afraid to link to it and use your other techniques to spark discussion.

7. Blog/Article content• If you have good quality well written content it can be a great way of not only engaging users but also of driving them back to your site. – Not for everyone unless you have the content

8. Video• If you have branded or brand familiar video content this can be great.• Funny, useful and interesting video can really spark discussion – Important to note that this usually builds with consistent storyline over time. One video may not be enough.


10. Milestones• Milestones for Likes can be used to incentivise fans with a “reward” when a certain number is reached. – Have the rewards in series (100, 250,etc.) – Set out how you might reward them – Rewards don’t have to be very special

11. Quotes• Everyone loves quotes from smart, funny or famous people. – Use quotes around your topic keep it on brand – If possible lay them out on images with nice typefaces. Include brand logos (very small)

12. Like Baiting• It may sound silly in the abstract but you can use this method to get fans to engage easily – Like this if you think we should have won last nights game. – Every time you “like” this status we send an underperforming players phone number toNewscorp.

13. Agree/disagree• True or False or Agree/Disagree questions are a great way of sparking comments and getting debate going. – Agree/Disagree: Trappatoni is really to old to be a manager at this level. – True or False: Soccer players are all a bit soft.

14. A or B• A great way to spark debate among fans is the A or B question. – Sean St. Ledger or John O’Shea at centre half? – Stuffed in the luggage or sent home by courier. What’s the best way to bring home holiday gifts and why?

15. Blankety blank• A simple engaging way to discuss a brand or industry area. Remember it’s short sharp and easy for easily distracted facebook users. – The perfect place to watch the match is at ______ – Tea and _____. Perfect for the early games.

16. Friend taggers…• These have been around a while and are still useful. If you can be creative and fun with the images. – An image with caricatures of the Irish team – Image with various fun invented characters

17. Highlight Loyalty• Who do you notice commenting and liking a lot. Highlight them as a Fan of the Month. Or be more brand specific. – Fan of the Month, Featured Fan, Superfan

18. Landing pages, Locked likes• Sending people to a landing page on first arrival that encourages Likes can work• You can lock deals and discounts behind likes too if you want• Wall/Timeline have been found to me most effective generally.

19. Product/brand proud• A quality creative brand image can be useful and powerful. Don’t be afraid ofposting about your brand or product.• Make sure it has some relevance to your market• Don’t do it all the time. Stick to quality.

20. Variation• Don’t beat the same drum constantly. Change things up.• If you have a brand that operates in several demographics, reflect that.

21. Moderation• This is YOUR house and you make the rules about behaviour.• Tell people up front what kinds of behaviour and commenting are ok and what isn’t acceptable.• Enforce the rules.

22. Well, get in touch then…


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