Social Media Management v Marketing

Social is easy to use. Quick sign up. Do it on the fly. Take a photo, share a post, like – it’s meant to be easy.  The original ethos was fun, light and entertaining.

Fast forward to today and it still is for millions of people.  If it wasn’t the major social networks wouldn’t exist and be profitable.

Using social for marketing has been with us for quite a few years and all too often companies just do it badly or pay lip service to the core reason for using social in the first place.

It is to reach people.  Not customers but real breathing people.  If through your use of social you convince people that your brand or service is worth investigating or even purchase then that is a real added bonus.

The perception that social marketing is an easy funnel to peoples minds and purses is incorrect.  The same logic that applied to old school marketing still applies.

People have to see your brand 20 times before they consider it worth engaging.

We help companies worldwide with their social media management.  We do this through the following.

  • Understanding your product, market and niche through talking with you, researching the market intensively.
  • Using best in class tools to automate a lot of the process of social management and sharing.
  • Keeping a regular (3-5 shares on 2-3 channels tempo of sharing on your existing social channels.
  • Sharing your business related information in a vibrant, newsy manner without a hard sell.
  • Lliasing with you so that you are up to date with what we are doing.

The total cost of this per month is

Europe: €225 per month

UK: £200

US: $250