Social Media Marketing (SMM)

We work with you to manage, support and deliver a premium your presence on social media networks.  Here are the pillars of our approach that move your social media marketing to the next level.


All too often companies take a “when we get time approach” to social media marketing.  This is a mistake.  Social media is something people dip in and out of and typically they will not seek your updates or news.  We ensure that your brand is visible through the following.

  • Delivering regular updates on all your channels daily (typically weekdays but we can expand to weekends) at the times that your audience is online.
  • Sharing a mix of market news from sources related to your business niche and from your own sources that you have created.  If you do not have these sources then refer to our next section.
  • Ensuring that on any given day there is a healthy mix of information, news and marketing.

Tracking & Growing

The perception that a certain number on social is an indicator of social media success is flawed.  We work to grow your reach through working to engage and grow followers from decision makers and influencers online in your specific area.  the formula we use is simple.  We deliver valuable and interesting materials that they are already engaging with and build an organic relationship online with your marketplace. We do this by:-

  • Building a target audience offline that you and your brand would like to have eyes on.
  • Determine what this audience is reading and engaging with through research.
  • Working with to agree and understand the best content to share with your audience.


The backbone of any marketing plan whether social, web or otherwise is above average content.  There are a wide range of options that we can deliver that will build a library of material that you can share more than once and repurpose for other sources.  These include :-

  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • Slide shares
  • Visuals, photos, video
  • Podcasts
  • YouTube

We can take full ownership of any or all of the above or work with you to create and use you as the curator, reviewer of same.  We have the experts, experience and expertise to create this material depending on your bandwidth, budget and requirements.


A cornerstone of our social media marketing and our SEO, in general, is the depth of research we do about you, your business, your market, and competition.    Our success is based on deep learning about your business in the first instance to understand the cornerstones of what you do, your products and services and your preferred voice online.  In parallel with this we work with you to understand who your competition is and how we can help improve your social media presence.