Get Targeted: Google AdWords gives 90-day tracking

Google AdWords tracks conversions by checking to see if a visitor from an AdWords completed a goal or conversion – the measurement point and value are set by the webmaster. But not everybody shops and pays/buys on the same day, so Google allowed a tracking period of 30-days. Even if the visitor came from another […]

Professional Review – HubSpot

Hubspot seems to be a very well marketed company. Within different groups of online marketeers (often fractious and fragmented though it may sometimes appear to be) – Hubspot’s own marketing is pretty often respected. Their online guides are shared and often emulated, their infographics are the darlings of social media and their research is quite […]

Betting on Cheap Heroes & Gauging CPC for google adwords

I was recently emailed about google adwords by a friend on behalf of a colleague. They had asked them if it was possible to tell how much the CPC for particular keywords will be in a particular market. The answer to this is… No it isn’t! Why do people ask questions like this about Google Adwords […]

End to forced PPC Ad Rotation Policy – Google backs down

A little while ago we were disappointed to see the big G do something quite irritating for advertisers. They forced a 30 day end to ad rotation instead of allowing ads to rotate indefinitely as per the wishes of the account owner. This annoyed a lot of PPC advertisers as it took control of their […]