Google announce new support for in-depth article and news support

Google Support for In-depth Articles in Search and SEO Google have announced new support for people writing longer articles and in-depth white papers and publishing these online. This includes the support of the Schema “Article” type. This is specifically good for research, students, white papers, authors and journalists, especially investigative journalists. Google posted a light […]

Link Bingo and the NNI Member hypocrisy

While it might be bemusing to some, this awkward fumbling while trying to get to grips with the internet is actually expensive and problematic. Remember when the BBC sued the internet because it had invented the hyperlink back in 2000? Are you a print journalist or own a newspaper? Enjoy our handy guide to Google […]

Go Google!

We like this video which demonstrates the breadth of Google’s platform, their reach and capability, which extends past Google Search and Youtube to include Google Mail, Google Chat and Google+ Hangouts, Google Drive and Google Apps.

Arrivals: Marissa Mayer leaves home for Yahoo

Yahoo pioneered social media type technologies: user profiles, friends, Instant Messaging, rich HTML e-mail and a massive news portfolio: Sport, Financial, Weather and global news before everyone else. Their network in the US is unparalleled – even today and they’ve probably been, in part, the inspiration for sites that have since come and gone: Bebo, myspace and a host of others. Older, would be competitors have been relegated to office toilet cleaning up duties like Alexa with its fake internet ranking fudge. Unlike companies like Apple, Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon and Google: Yahoo has survived despite it’s impassioned, directionless leadership and its ever shrinking workforce. For the first time in a long time, I feel that the perceived DNA of a company is stronger than the humans inside it.

End to forced PPC Ad Rotation Policy – Google backs down

A little while ago we were disappointed to see the big G do something quite irritating for advertisers. They forced a 30 day end to ad rotation instead of allowing ads to rotate indefinitely as per the wishes of the account owner. This annoyed a lot of PPC advertisers as it took control of their […]