To Martha! – A marketers thoughts on Arthurs Day

Guinness has for a very long time been known for its iconic marketing. From the famous toucan to the funny dance guy in the 90s. So the fact it’s latest effort has been fully embraced far and wide is no huge surprise. Arthurs day was born in 2009 and has grown ever since both here in […]

Smart Person’s Guide to Facebook Pages

Here’s our simple guide to getting interaction on a facebook page. It’s not fancy and it’s not even close to complete but it does give you a good idea of how to keep your fans engaged. I’m not suggesting that this is everything you can do or even that all of these things will work […]

Bad clients are like heroin addicts

A heroin addict will tell you they love you and then when you’re back is turned they’ll rob your wallet/purse. They’re only after one thing. If you have a client that sucks up your time and pays badly, then they’re not interested in you and thinking that you can solve it by being a better […]

Grass Growers and Grass Cutters

A problem that is common in modern business and particularly in marketing is applying old thinking to a new situation, product, technology or problem and not realising that in the information age consumers can get informed and inform each other. Football pitches through the ages  Once upon a time before pitch technology improved the average […]