Content is King but who decides?

Content is King but what is content? SEO isn’t dead because Content is King, there’s just no such thing as better content. All Content is King – good or bad because its subjective. Content in forums is just as important as Pulitzer winning articles on a humanity crisis. In a word, the content is king because its the user who accesses it essentially enables it. “Content is King” based on expertise, opinion, job title, self love, critical acclaim or grammatical/technical proficiency is old world. It’s dead.

When users want unbiased, un-opinionated data, facts, knowledge, solutions, products or pricing they’ll go to Google. They go there in droves because there is no where else to go. Nobody is there to judge, influence, direct or monitor you. That’s why it’s so big. It’s inuitive to use, not necessarily obvious to understand. Stating that ‘SEO is dead’ because you think ‘Content is King’ assumes that SEO is an alternative to content, not just a way of understanding the system of equality.

Social Media is peer level communications. It’s a geographical boundary-less collaborative experience. Some people may be more popular but we’re all equal. This has killed privileged towers of channel control and is the biggest challenge to traditional media. But Social Media is not an advertising channel and directly transposing PR and Print advertising is to show nothing but either contempt or ignorance.

Good in theory

The theory that people will seek out advice in twitter and Facebook is fine in theory. But there is only a little anecdotal evidence to support it. How many questions go unanswered and how many are answered by a Google search in reply?

Looking for facts

We see it as our Content challenge to provide the most factual and helpful content. That is our “content” challenge at Primary Position. But there are a lot of biased view points from people who want to push a different way of thinking. But you can’t just call something dead because you don’t understand it or don’t like it. Besides, it mostly just PR people anyway!

In news this month

Ken Krogue, a contributor at Forbes recently declared SEO to be dead. When its at its peak. He announced that Content is King, to which we don’t disagree. That’s what Google does – it indexes content. SEO helps Google do this. Good SEO does this even better. The real problem is that Ken meant to say “MY content is King.” Ken longs for a world where journalists and media channels control public thinking. They never did – and hence the rise of the Blogger. If you’re going to call SEO dead and the rise of Social Media – that’s an even bigger challenge to vertical media channel controls!

4 Responses to “The consumer is King: Understanding SEO, Content and Social Media in a nutshell”

  1. “Stating that ‘SEO is dead’ because you think ‘Content is King’ assumes that SEO is an alternative to content, not just a way of understanding the system of equality.”

    Can you elaborate on “the system of equality” please? You know I’m skeptical of SEO.

    • David Quaid says:

      Ranking in Google isn’t a privilege or preserve of being a good writer or journalist or having studied law or marketing. It’s open to all users and all content, whether one person deems that content to be good or bad. Being published in a newspaper or on a media website is at the discretion of the opinion of the editor or owner. So there is human control – and the merits for getting through that gatekeeper are set by them. So, if grammar and prose are critical to them, then that’s what you need to win on. But that isn’t necessarily what the end user wants or needs. Whether people like their content grammatically correct is actually just quite often an opinion.

      You’re skeptical of spammy SEO. I understand. I am too. But you can’t be sceptical of SEO. It’s just what is says – optimising your content/site for the search user. How its done – that’s the subject of much debate. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Also many SM queries go unanswered but that’s not what Ken and Google mean. They mean all the sharing on SM is going to influence the rank of results in Google queries. So people will still use Google search, just that SM influence is going up and non-SM (which SEO targets most) is going down.

    SEO will simply up its SM game though, it won’t go away.

    • David Quaid says:

      I doubt it will. I think SM is overrated in this regard. Nobody I follow – and I have as big a network as anyone – drives the same car as me, lives in the same area, pays the same taxes. Actually, 90% of my decision making has no relevance with SM.

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