Tofu is bland and innoffensive. It’s a protein replacement that you can have and your conscience won’t be prcked about eating an animal. It’s renewable and environmentally friendly. It can be flavoured to taste (somewhat) like meat or indeed anything at all really.

Steak tastes fantastic. Some people don’t like it though. Some don’t like it because it’s fatty, some because they don’t like red meat, some because they don’t like meat at all. One thing is certain about steak though is that it divides opinion.

The thing is, no-one loves tofu the way people love steak.

When we are buried in a business it’s easy to worry about offending anyone. Often the path of least resistance is the one we want to take. It’s the easy option and requires no belief and no vision and no risk. In the digital age marketing is no longer a catchall and if you’re going to appeal to anyone enough to have them love you, you’re going to have to face the prospect that it will necessarily mean that some people won’t like you. The choice of who loves you and who’s opinion doesn’t matter is yours, so choose carefully.

It’s easy to be Tofu.

It’s way easier to sell steak though.

Which are you?

3 Responses to “Are you Tofu or Steak?”

  1. Anton
    Your post suggests taking a stand, and being brave to build a brand or product. This is a good strategy to build loyal followers. The biggest obstacle to success is fear, so yes, I would agree that it’s not good to water down your strategy simply to be liked by a everyone. To build on your analogy a little more.. . in order to make a digital strategy even more effective, the placement of your efforts is also important. There is no point in offering steak in a vegetarian restaurant for example.
    One thing I would disagree with is “the choice of who loves you … is yours”. You can try to make a customer (type) love you, but ultimately, the customer decides, not you.
    Nice little thought provoking post of a Monday, cheers.
    ~ Helen

  2. Sherry says:

    Very effective analogy. It’s so rare to find steak on a menu, yet tofu abounds.

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