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Marketing of websites is conducted separately to web design as a process but must be taken into consideration when designing a new site. New sites are designed to incorporate marketing concepts. Existing sites will need to be reviewed and often changes may need to be considered. This concept is also known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

You have built a great website. Now you just have to get people to see it.

Website marketing has progressed since the days of simply getting listed in a search engine. This also used to be free. More and more companies are competing for visitors. The process of converting mere surfers into buying potential has become big business. Whereby getting registered was once free, we advise customers to now put as much money towards a marketing budget as they intend on spending on their site if not more (for SME type sites).

Search engines take months to list sites for free, and when they do, if the information they index isn’t found, then it can be a few wasted months too. This translates into a slower ROI as potential customers are unable to find you amongst the millions of other companies listed in search engines. Our Search Engine Optimisation programmes track your rankings across different search engines, including Irish, US and localised search engines (like or and

Statistics demonstrate that 70% of online purchases result from a search engine.

Primary Position has a number of options available to suit every budget and each website marketing effort is conducted on an individual basis. Please contact us here for more information.

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Selecting the right keywords is not very useful if the serach engines do not want to index your site.  Contact us for more information on a solution for you…