Easy SEO for local business as cities like NYC Shut

The Coronavirus is impacting business like no other challenge before and in some places, it’s looking dire. New York City is on the verge of complete lock down. This is unprecedented. Amazon have announced they are hiring 100,000 workers to help as the wheels on their logistics and supply chain are starting to come off at least a little- I’m sure Amazon will be 3 times as strong within 2 months – and there lies a golden opportunity – a once in a while, where tens of thousands of businesses who have ignored, disregarded and even hated the internet (e.g. site like Yelp, Delivery.com, Uber, AirBnB, Googlehttps://primaryposition.com/ppc-agency-nyc/ Reviews) get a second chance. This is a golden opportunity for small, local businesses to supply the needs of their local communities and this is how to do it 100% for free. We’ll follow up with more detailed GMB reviews and how-to’s.

Here’s what I’ve seen happen in a week. Living on the NYC/NJ border, where Amazon used to be able to deliver within 2 hours via both Amazon Fresh and Wholefoods Direct. There are no delivery slots for the next 3 days. Prime delivery has gone from same day/2-day maximum to 3-5 days. Some things are still doable in 2.

Walgreens have the exact same Coronavirus advice as the CDC – except for one glaring point – washing your hands with hand sanitiser Why? Because they don’t have any – online or in their stores. Somehow people have either bought up the entire country’s stock or someone just isn’t managing it right. And I’ve heard of some amazing brewers and distillers who are turning their products into mass produced inventory of hand sanitizer fluid and selling it or donating it in large quantities to hospitals – well done lads!

So here’s where we do our part: The Primary Position DIY Local SEO Toolkit

So you don’t need to hire an SEO in NYC (although if your business depends on it, maybe you should!) and some of you might know my writing on Quora and on Reddit, where I write extensively about SEO – often to help other SEO and PPC professionals. I do this because I love it and I hate to see people missing out.

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When you’re ready, head to Google Business to get started.

Google My Business

Also known as GMB (and formally Google My Places and Google Business Listing), this is a free, amazing, instant SEO tool that every small business should do and absolutely nobody is doing it 100% right if at all. The thing that big online distributors can’t do – and are probably hoping every day that you don’t do – is set up your business online with your address. Ok, I get it – you’re a small shop, store, pharmacy, bar, restaurant, bodega, deli, hotel, B&B,….whatever you are, you cover every street corner, block, avenue, side street of places like Manhattan, Dublin, London, San Diego, Los Angeles and they (the big online stores) do not. They cannot manage that many locations and that many services. And while you can only do a couple of locations, and a few products and services, so you absolutely should.

Ok, so why should you do this?

You can list things that you sell that can help people!

  • Like Hand sanitizer
  • Tissues and paper products
  • Water
  • Milk
  • Food, beer, Olives etc
  • Doggy minding/walking/sitting
  • Word processing/typing/scanning/faxing
  • Taxes, Marketing, etc etc
  • You can tell people when you’re open
  • Google can tell when you’re busy (because of how many people view your business at the same time)
  • Put up Photos (so people can see how cool/awesome/divey your place is
  • People can Google your business name and maps will give them turn by turn driving or walking instructions or people can uber direct to you
  • You can list links to your menu, your services, your website, your preferred delivery partner – it’s free too!

David’s How-To Crush Google My Business listings:

  • Put in your address and get it right, make sure the arrow on the map 100% lines up with you
  • List your top services – you can customize these
  • List your happy hours
  • List your most popular/sort after/hardest to find goods
  • Put in your telephone numbers
  • Ask for reviews – if people found something and you saved someone’s life/day/party – they will be happy to share it
  • Add posts – every few days
  • GMB allows you to post offers, specials or other announcements
  • If people are suddenly looking for something – write a post that you have it available
  • Keep it updated. If you are only open for certain hours, state it
  • If people can collect from you – it might save on delivery costs and time – update your profile and post it
  • Post photos and videos
  • Take Video shorts on your phone – show your hamburgers or craft beer selection
  • Show people your fresh deliveries, fresh food, happy customers
  • Let people see what they are buying or where – it builds confidence
  • Get the Apps – Google My Business is available for both iPhone and Android
  • You can send live updates without having to wait to go on a PC
  • Anyone with a phone is suddenly an internet marketer

Awesome Analytics (Insights)

Being Google, it gives you awesome data about who is viewing your page

Built-In Premium Services

As I mentioned before, Google Business is 100% Free but it does include some built in premium options, such as a direct Google Ads suite that lets you set up Google Ads. I love Google Ads and you can get started with $100 and sometimes get $100 free from Google too.

They also have a chatbot built in – which is a great way to talk to customers thinking of visiting or ordering from your location.

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