Facebook are advertising on Google Search (but not very well!)

In a search for “Facebook Marketing” to see which innovative Irish businesses were ranking well, I was surprised to see a Facebook.com ad!


Facebook Advertising
Facebook Ads in Google

What’s interesting is that Facebook aren’t exactly doing a great job at it – firstly, they should be trying a lot harder with their display URL – and with a better QS and Domain Match, they should be able to stay at #1 for anything “Facebook” related, especially as they have it trademarked (and the word Face too, apparently).  Maybe they’re too shy to ask Google to intervene!

At least they are using Site links – but again, not the best use. I’d wager that anybody who has an account (see the site link for “Manage Account) would already know something about Ads and have a campaign already – so this could be a bit wasteful!

I wonder if they’ll opt to link their Google+account? Probably not….

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