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As a result of Coronavirus Pandemic, many countries, regions and states have shut down entire industries that are outside of what’s considered essential. This is having a devastating impact on the economy and millions of New Yorkers, Americans and people all over the globe are losing their jobs. For most companies, in person business is falling away and falling away fast. Many are realizing that the only way to do business is online. For those who are trading online, many are booming. 

Too many brands (and customers) have lazily relied on Amazon and other sites to bring them business, rather than build their own digital space – and sadly many brands who are now de-prioritized are finding out the hard way what a terrible strategy that’s been!

But it’s not too late – with companies like Amazon, Best Buy, Jet and others face huge challenges with stocking and logistics while also focusing on essential deliveries, now is a great time for small, large and enterprise businesses to take back their digital presence, own it and bring a better experience to customers. For all its good, Amazon has also been bad for brands by letting low quality off-brand products get relisted and dodge bad reviews.

As part of our mission to help small, local businesses get online and get trading, as well as larger and enterprise brands, we’re publishing a series of blog posts about how to use different tools, like Google My Business and Google AdWords, to help companies respond and deal with the global shutdown.

 If you want to start selling online and have yet to setup a Google Ads (formerly AdWords) account, now is the perfect time!  Click here to get a free spend $150 (for US businesses) and get $150 back from Google coupon and start selling online. You can also access Google Ads from within your Google My Business account – which gives a very easy to use, wizard style interface and we have to admit, is pretty effective at getting traffic to your website.

Selling online is about using the primary digital channels as effectively as you can. The primary traffic channels in the internet world are:

  1. Search Marketing (SEM)
    1. SEO – for Search Engine Optimization for Organic Traffic
    2. PPC – for Pay-Per-Click (also CPC)
    3. Content Marketing
  2. Banner Advertising
  3. Video Advertising
  4. E-Mail marking
  5. Social Media 
  6. Referrals
  7. Forum Marketing

For each of these channels, the better you develop them, the better your online sales will grow. And that also means having the right tools:

A Website

It used to be common thinking that some businesses don’t need a website. While it’s absolutely true that some businesses have survived without one, it’s not a statement that is aging well! For SEO and PPC (with Content Marketing), having your own website is certainly a must.

More: What’s the difference between SEO and PPC? 

Google My Business

This is just such a powerful tool and although Google isn’t being very helpful with its shameful attitude to effectively shutting the service down during the COVD19 pandemic, we plan to launch a campaign to get them to do the right thing an help small businesses get their GMB profiles working again

Analytics Tools

Google Analytics and Search console are a must but so is rank tracking tool and for that we highly recommend SEMRush. You can get a 7-day trial of SEMRush here.

For international users, you can get €120 in Ireland or £120 coupon in the UK.

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