SEO Agency NYC

SEO Agency NYC

What is an NYC SEO Agency?

An SEO agency is there to help build, scale, manage, safeguard and grow your business through search marketing. Trends change, competitors step up and tactics change – so just when you’re thinking about catching up, you have to start thinking about staying ahead. An SEO agency brings fresh ideas, supports your existing marketing team, and helps you keep on track.

What does NYC SEO do for you?

SEO brings you free, qualified leads that buy. Through Google’s semantic search engine that sorts, correlates, and qualifies web pages, people who search and then visit your website are self-qualifying. That means that they are qualified and relevant from the first search they enter into Google. If someone is searching for cybersecurity, marketing automation, fashion clothing, shoes, internet providers, website design agencies, yacht rentals, VPNs, bicycles, cars, jobs – and that matches an industry you service, then they are interested in you. Not selling? You can’t sell to these customers until you are in the top 3 results.

Who are Primary Position?

It’s in the name – we put you in the Primary Position for people who have a need and want to buy from you. We use SEO to sell ourselves, we don’t harass you on LinkedIn, we don’t target you in unsolicited phone calls and we don’t spam your inbox – we practice what we preach and sell via SEO.

Here’s why we think we’re qualified to say we are the best:

SEO Agency New York

What makes Primary Position special or unique?

Unlike other agencies, we take ownership of what we do, our results, and our strategies. We aren’t just on a call for one hour a week – we are working on your projects every day, we are here to talk every day, we don’t have to look you up in a CRM system – we work for you as you employ us. Therefore we don’t have 300 clients, we don’t outsource and we don’t treat you like a number.

We deliver. Primary Position.

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