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What is an SEO Page or Search Position?

SEO Position

An SEO position is a placement a website (or a web page on that site) has in a search engine (for example Google). These positions are usually tracked in a SERP tool, which measures a website’s different SEO positions in different search engines, like SEMrush or Moz.

Types of SEO Positions

There are several different position forms a website/webpage can take or gain, such as:

  1. Featured Snippet or Position 0
  2. Knowledge Panel (FAQ)
  3. Organic 1-10
  4. Video SERP
  5. Image Pack or Image SERP

Tracking SEO Positions

The following Tools are good for tracking SEO Positions:

SEO Position KPIs

  • Keyword Group distribution
    • How many Position 0’s
    • Top 3 Count and gains
    • Top 10 Count and gains