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Are you facing a challenge with Search Engine Results and what they say about your brand, persona, business, organization? If traditional web marketing and PR isn’t working, then you may need to consider Online Reputation Management as a Service in order to manage your reputation online.

Why Online Reputation Management?

Its important to have a fair and balanced set of information about your or your organization. Sometimes traditional web marketing just doesn’t have the right toolset in order to compete – especially with popular news sites and especially with nasty profile sites that make money from targeting individuals. Everyone has a right to protect their good name and we can be there to help balance that.

Online Reputation Management in New York

New York is the largest city in the US – the financial capital of the world and the fastest growing tech hub in the world. It’s also the HQ of the Fortune 100 and 500. NY also boasts the HQ’s of the largest online tech companies, including Google and Social Media sites. Word travels fast here and information is money. NY has a reputation of being the center of the Universe – and with so many celebrities, billionaires, brands, news and media companies and people, Reputation Management here has become a big and critical business.

Where should my reputation be managed?

The most important platforms and channels are

  • General Internet Search
    • Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo
    • YouTube
  • Social Media
    • twitter
    • Pinterest
    • LinkedIn
    • Reddit
  • News and PR

Almost all of online reputation management centers around search and primarily around Google Search.

What else can help with my reputation management?

Additional online PR, content development, media and influencers can help specific milestones and growth in specific areas – such as awareness and adding color and depth to a story

What to do in a Brand or Reputation Crisis?

Don’t panic! Start building a comprehensive list of good news articles, ideas and content. Then start putting together a list of known and friendly influencers to start beginign a content share, build and promotion strategy.

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