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Advanced SEO Strategy for Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity SEO Strategy Background Cyber security teams are usually very IT literate, well educated, and used to self-educating – it comes with the territory. Cybersecurity systems, by their nature, are

Microsoft Clarity Heatmap

Microsoft Free SEO Tool: Clarity Heatmap

In exciting E-Commerce Analytics news today, Microsoft is announcing that its Clarity app – inside its Bing Webmaster Tools (aka Bing Search Console) is now available for Mobile Apps and

SEO Agency for Startups

Building the Best SEO Agency for Startups

At Primary Position, NYC’s #1 SEO Company, we’ve built our reputation on SEO for Startups. Read our founder’s LinkedIn profile  and our SEO Success Stories to see the startups and

AI and SEO Search - will AI kill SEO and Google

Will AI Replace SEO?

Is AI the end of SEO: a Synopsis No. I’m not afraid not. SEO has been dying forever – I wrote this answer in Quora over 7 years ago: What