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Content Marketing

Today, brands are hearing more and more about content marketing, what it means for them and their customers. But equally, not a lot of organizations are utilizing it to their best of their ability or even very well at all. Content marketing can:

  1. Help your SEO
  2. Feed your Social Media
  3. Support your brand positioning
  4. Influence buying decisions

But there’s a hidden element – people are also most likely to trust third-party recommendations and mostly, third parties who they already know. Sound confusing? That’s because you’re the third party. Consumers, both B2B and B2C alike, trust people they work with, follow online, read frequently or who look like they are leading the conversation their peers are listening to. This may or may not include the content your brand is posting vs what content it’s facilitating.

Content marketing today has many outputs

Channel based

  1. Blog
  2. PR
  3. Video/YouTube
  4. SlideShare
  5. Landing Pages
  6. Informational content

External Earned

  1. Reviews
  2. Bylines, Quotes and Citations
  3. Co-branded research
  4. Expert Webinars
  5. Influencers

External Paid

  1. White papers/Research
  2. Sponsored Webinars
  3. Outreach 
  4. Content Sponsorship
  5. 3rd Party Webinars