SEO Agency NYC

The #1 Google Ads PPC Agency in New Jersey (NJ)

In today’s modern, competitive global marketplace, it pays to be first. As more and more companies realize that Google is the largest source of lead generation with almost no real competition, its no longer a platform that businesses can choose to ignore. With the continued growth of the Google search engine, its revenues are exceeding $160bn per year – far outpacing sites like Facebook, Instagram, twitter and Linkedin – for B2B and B2C businesses. Business professionals need to make the right decision – information is crucial and the number one place people go to get informed is Google.

And as with any business – there are numerous agencies that offer Google Ad management programs. We’re not that kind of business. We dont do management. We build strategies that exceed, excel and innovate in the search marketing space. We do SEO and PPC with strategies that deliver instead of offering hopeful expectations.

Our leadership team have 20 years of experience in using Google as an effective, repeatable, predictable lead generation and revenue channel.

In 2012, we started working Kemp Technologies, a small startup from Long Island, NY which had 25 employees. In 2021, Kemp was acquired by Progress for $250m. (Press Release)

In 2020, we started working with IntSights, a Dark Web Cybersecurity company, which was acquired in 2021 for $325m by Rapid7. (News Article)

Both of these success stories focused heavily on Google – with both SEO and PPC at the core of their success.