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The Reputation Management SEO Guide

Reputation Management and SEO Strategies

You are only as good as your last performance. Because most people will find you in Google, Reputation Management is strongly rooted in SEO. There are too many technical aspects to Reputation Management to just leave it to PR and Networking. That’s because bad actors can game Google, and publishers with a long track record in Google can be very hard to shift – you need an SEO! And remember, reputation management costs more when you least expect it!

Reputation Management NYC

NYC is all about big brands, big corporations, and big personalities. NY is used to being the center of the Universe – and with so many celebrities, billionaires, brands, news, media companies, and people, Reputation Management here has become a big and critical business. Managing your online brand, organization and personal reputation is vital to your influence, reach, popularity, and success in NYC. At Primary Position – the #1 SEO Agency in NYC – we can help you build, manage, and defend your online reputation.

Where to Check Your Reputation Online

The first place to check is a Google Search for your name and brand. Remember to also search within quotation marks. Repeat the search Google News to see trending data, especially in Press Release and Local News Updates

Set up a Google News Alert

Google News allows you to set up alerts based on your branded search phrases and email you whenever it comes across new articles mentioning you and your brand.

SERP Reports for Reputation Management

SEO SERP reports are vital to making sure you’re owned media is always first so that you control the conversation. We recommend SEMrush for SERP Reporting.

PPC Brand Defence in Conjunction with SEO

For brands with search volumes over 20 per month, you must have a Google Ads Pay-per-click (PPC) Campaign setup to control your CPC (cost per click), establish a strong CTR (Click-Through-Rate), and a high-quality Score (SQ) – ideally ranked at 10/10. This will discourage you and make it difficult for competitors to target you.

Which Platforms to Manage Your SEO Reputation Online

The main online reputation management platforms to be concerned with 99% of the time are:

  • Google
  • YouTube, which is the World’s second-largest Search Engine
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Google My Business and SEO Reputation Management

Another key component to managing your presence locally in NYC and Manhattan will be to create a free Google My Business Account. This will let you connect people directly to your business or organization’s telephone, contact, location details, and local news.

Social Media and SEO Reputation Management

Connecting and managing your different social media is vital as part of an organic SEO Strategy to maintain, own, and control brand mentions and searches

Video and Online Reputation Management

Video is often highly recommended in searches, so get in front of the news and tabloids, naysayers, and detractors with your own video messaging.

PR and SEO Reputation Management

PR might not be valuable for creating new brands but its critical in protecting and keeping them fresh and a primary driver of SEO Authority is done via online PR.

Reputation Management Strategy for PR Crisis

Did you get caught in a crisis event before you could launch an Online Reputation Management Strategy? Fear not – we’re here to help you. With our Rapid SEO Strategy, we can start to help mitigate and control content and get your message across the search platforms.

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