What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (formerly Google Places) is a tool for  businesses and organizations to list their locations, services, opening hours, special offers, contact information, directions, menus and other relevant information. It is a highly underutilized platform especially for local SEO and helping traditional “bricks and mortar” companies who need to move online.

Google My Business frequently lists local businesses using Google Maps technology at the position 0 level search results. It is extremely useful for finding restaurants, pharmacies, doctors offices and other local businesses and connects to a staggering number of resources. It also lets people search for open/closing hours, menu items, distances, directions and menus.

Google My Business also allows organizations to upload videos, photos, product details, special offers, blog posts and other updates that show for a few days.

**** COVID 19 Warning **** Since February/March 2020, Google has unfortunately frozen most businesses on GMB from adding or updating their profiles. Primary Position is adamantly trying to ask Google to open up the platform and allow verified businesses to update and publish changes.