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SEO Strategies for NJ Companies

At Primary Position, based in Weehawken New Jersey, we believe that NJ industries are targeting local, tri-state, National, and International growth, especially the NYC Greater Metropolitan Area, the US, and the EU via the Irish Gateway (we were founded in Ireland 20 years ago)

Why are we a different SEO Company?

We are focused on lead generation for Tech/B2B/SaaS companies, Cyber, Cloud, Logistics, Pharma, and manufacturing. Our biggest differentiator is speed to lead – better keyword research, better SEO implementation and better analytics to track progress to lead growth.

How do we build a Superior SEO Strategy?

We are from an engineering background – we make SEO performant by reducing waste on trying to cover too many bases. By analyzing the customer journey, we can bring lean content strategies focused at the pain point, not trying to educate, inform and entertain an entire organization.

The biggest challenge for NJ companies trying to build and export is the same: Content Strategy typically tries to educate the wrong audience. The C-Suite may need to approve your purchase order, but they are not the buyer nor are they the champion.

At Primary Position – we’ll get straight to the buyer

Platforms our SEO is built on

We deploy content and SEO on

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. YouTube
  4. Reddit
  5. LinkedIn

What sectors do we work in

  • International Trade
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud and Networking
  • FinTech
  • SaaS and B2B
  • Manufacturing

New Jersey’s Industrial Base

New Jersey’s industrial base is very diverse:

Life Sciences: New Jersey is a major hub for pharmaceuticals, with companies like Johnson and Johnson, Eli Lilly, and Novartis having a presence herte It also boasts a strong biotech and medical device manufacturing scene.

Advanced Manufacturing: New Jersey still has a significant presence in advanced manufacturing. This includes things like aerospace and defense components, as well as chemicals and specialized machinery.

Technology: NJ is a hotbed for innovation, particularly in areas like artificial intelligence, big data, and cybersecurity.  New Jersey also boasts excellent infrastructure for tech businesses, ranking #1 for broadband connectivity nationwide

Other Sectors: Finance, professional services, and transportation & logistics are also important contributors to New Jersey’s industrial base.

Built-in New Jersey with a Global View

Primary Position has been working with NJ Companies for over 5 years as we scale to become the biggest SEO Specialist Agency. Originally founded in Limerick, Ireland – which is now home to a number of companies from the Garden State, like Johnson & Johnson as well as companies like Regeneron (NY), Dell (TX), etc