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Build an Enterprise SaaS Business with SEO

Google is the go-to place for people with questions, and problems to be solved and get answers. Google sends 70% of the world’s web traffic and is the largest traffic generator – in contrast, all of Microsoft’s web properties (Microsoft, LinkedIn, Bing, etc) are responsible for just 7%.

Finding a SaaS SEO Consultant

Hi – I’m David and I’ve been in SEO for over 24 years. As a software engineer, I moved into SEO and Digital Marketing focusing on using SEO to generate leads for my software consulting company. Today, I’ve helped build lots of SaaS, Cybersecurity, AI, and Cloud/Tech companies. I’d love to help you build and scale your lead pipeline too.

I love mapping the customer’s journey from researching problems and how to solve them, to building lists checking reviews, and reading web forums. In B2B SaaS, people could end up performing 100 searches on a topic before even determining a short list.

Product comparison sites are often weak and look at aesthetic comparison points that don’t get into the heart of the specific pain points people are trying to solve. By mapping out those searches, we increase the landing trips to your site, increasing brand muscle memory and shaping new searches

Enterprise SaaS SEO is straightforward

We look at a wide range of places to help steer people toward the best solution: YOUR SaaS solution. At Primary Position – the #1 SEO Agency in NYC – we’re focused on building content on

  1. Google
  2. Youtube
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Reddit
  5. Bing

We also provide management for paid ads on these platforms.

Read our SEO Case Studies to see some of the startups we’ve helped scale above $100m.

SaaS SEO Expert

Our SEO SaaS expertise comes from experience: working with thousands of keywords, landing pages, budgets and tools across the search landscape with over 100 SaaS companies in 20 years, we know how people search. Some popular content deployments include using FAQs and appearing in Google’s People Also Ask (PAA), using video to rank in Google’s standard search

youtube result google search
YouTube Result in Google Search



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