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How to hire an SEO Lead Generation Services Agency

Lead Generation IS the point of SEO

Google is the undisputed heavyweight largest originator of web traffic and leads in the world. No other platform comes close – not even to 5% of the traffic and sales that Google single-handedly generates. But getting traffic is actually easier than getting leads and wat too many brand agencies have copied “awareness” strategies to SEO expecting it to pay off. But it won’t – the wrong organic traffic will not convert and will not be loyal. Certainly, there is a big component of serendipity in SEO and that will return sales and leads vs brand awareness but so many companies have become experts at eking out leads from traffic that this lucky route to marketing is more unicorn than reality

How is SEO for Lead Gen Different?

We focus on different strategies than our competitors: we look for buying keywords based on mapping the user’s journey. With 20 years of experience specializing in B2B marketing, growth hacking, and video marketing for tech, SaaS, AI, cloud, and other specialized B2B SEO services, we understand how the tech buyer researches and searches for solutions. Our core belief is that Search Engine Marketing is for Driving Leads.

SEO Agency vs SEO Freelancer

It’s the age-old question – how do you choose between an agency and a freelancer? We offer the best of both – a boutique SEO agency managed, owned, and run by an expert SEO freelancer – I’m here for every meeting, I do all of the work, I’m the expert, the doer and the account manager!

Getting leads from Google Search

Too many agencies need time whereas some seem to offer overnight results. Both are wrong – because while SEO doesn’t happen overnight (although PPC does!), we can demonstrate how we can augment and accelerate your standard SEO program.

Several factors can affect your website’s SEO, including the quality of your content, the use of keywords, and the structure of your website. Our SEO services can help you improve all of these factors improve your website’s ranking in SERPs and help you get there substantially faster.

Where does our Agency focus our Lead Generation?

Using our Advanced SEO reach across

Benefits of Lead Generation Focused SEO Services

If you are looking to improve your website’s SEO and get more traffic from Google and other search engines, then our SEO services can help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you improve your website’s SEO.

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