PPC Agency in New York City (NYC)

In 2020, Primary Position launched Primary Position NYC, to help our clients in the tri-state area of New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ) and Connecticut (CT) – based from our Manhattan, New York City offices.

At Primary Position, we can help you in a number of facets of digital marketing from optimizing existing paid search campaigns, to cost reduction and outsourcing to transition from retail to ecommerce. In 2020, ecommerce will just become commerce as COVID19 rushed companies digital transformation plans from “sceptical” to “fully engaged”

Our Search Marketing program encompasses typical questions often asked by both experienced and those who are new to digital marketing:

Keyword Research

  • Do you have all of the right keywords?
  • What should be in PPC and what should be in Paid?
  • What about branded – to buy or not to buy?
  • What domain names should I own and use?
  • What is Quality Score and why should it matter?

Brand Management

  • Is my brand established? How do I protect it?
  • How do I manage my SEO brand?
  • How can I effectively target competitor brands?


  • I need to spend less money per keyword
  • I need more transactions
  • I need a better CPA
  • I need to find more keywords that buy
  • I want to expand my operations
    • E.g. from the USA to the EU or vice versa
  • What tools do I need to improve tracking and visibility
  • Should I outsource or not?