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I moved to NYC as Head of Digital/Inbound Marketing at Kemp, a startup I joined while living in Ireland which went on to get acquired for $250m. I absolutely love it here and 4 years ago I started my own SEO/PPC Agency in the heart of NYC.

NYC is a great place for business – finance, marketing, technology, media, law, education, healthcare, cloud, consumers, food, entertainment, travel – you name it, its here!

One thing’s for sure: this city breeds a particular brand of innovation. It’s fast-paced, it’s relentless, it’s got the energy to fuel any revolutionary idea. NYC offers something very valuable to tech companies – a potent mix of factors that can supercharge your startup’s growth.

Talent Oasis: NY Has Got the Brains

Let’s face it, your startup is only as good as the people behind it. NYC boasts a brain trust of world-class talent. Top universities churn out brilliant graduates every year, and the city’s energy attracts ambitious minds from across the globe. You’ll find a deep well of tech gurus, seasoned developers, and marketing wizards ready to join your mission.

Funding Avenue – Where Money Meets Ideas

Forget about that long road trip to pitch to VCs on the West Coast. Here in NYC, you’ve got a direct line to the financial titans. Wall Street’s a stone’s throw away, and VCs are hungry to invest in the next big thing. With their deep pockets and expertise, they can be the fuel that launches your startup into the stratosphere.

Established Powerhouses – Stepping Stones to Success

New York isn’t just about tech startups. It’s a hub for industries like finance, media, and fashion. These established players are ripe for disruption, and your tech solution could be the key. Imagine having a built-in customer base of industry giants, ready to collaborate and help you refine your product. Talk about a launchpad!

Global Stage – Your Playground is the World

NYC is a global metropolis. It’s a melting pot of cultures and a testing ground for ideas that resonate with a worldwide audience. Launch your product here, and you’ve got instant access to diverse markets, giving you invaluable feedback and propelling you towards international success.

The Hustle Never Sleeps: Fueling Innovation

NYC’s energy is contagious. The city’s a constant hum of ambition and creativity. It’s this hustle that breeds innovation. Here, you’ll be surrounded by dreamers and doers, pushing each other to new heights. It’s the perfect environment to refine your ideas, take risks, and watch your startup soar.

Tech & Business Networking Events in NYC

Digital Irish NY – Connecting Irish Innovation Globally

I’ve been attending Digital Irish NY events for 10 years now. Digital Irish frequently hosts events for its members, including networking sessions, workshops, and fireside chats. You can find information about upcoming events on their website or by following them on social media. 


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Annual Technology & Business Events in NY


Event Name Focus Month Location Website
The International Franchise Expo Franchising June Javits Center
Licensing Expo Brand Licensing September Javits Center
New York Auto Show Automotive Industry April Javits Center
National Retail Federation Big Show Retail Industry January Javits Center
Crain’s New York Business Breakfast Business Leadership & Insights Varies Various Locations
Advertising Week


Advertising, Marketing, Media October Various Locations
TechDay Tech Industry Varies (often multiple throughout the year) Varies

by Riskified

E-commerce Fraud Prevention June 25-27 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

About NYC

NYC is the financial, media and business capital of the USA, especially Manhattan and is home to Silicon Alley, the East Coast version of Silicon Valley. NY is home to a vibrant and multi-cultural population, notably a large and active Irish community among others.

About the NYC Flag

I was born in Cape Town, South Africa, whose European founding was made by the Dutch via the Dutch East India Company. Similarly, NYC was founded by the ill-fated Dutch East India Company and shares a flag similar to that of the Netherlands.

New York City’s flag is a tricolor homage to its Dutch colonial roots. In 1625, when the city was called New Amsterdam, the Dutch Republic flew the Prince’s Flag. This flag featured three vertical stripes in blue, white, and orange. When the English took over in 1664, the flag remained, but the city lacked an official one for centuries. Finally, in 1914, to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the first English mayor, a new flag was created. The design committee looked back to the city’s Dutch origins and incorporated the colors from the Prince’s Flag. They added the city seal in the center, featuring a Native American, a beaver (representing the Dutch settlers), and an eagle symbolizing the United States. So, the NYC flag is a unique blend of its Dutch past and American present.

Largest Employers in NY

Company Industry Global Headcount
Google Technology 150,000+
Microsoft Technology 221,000+
Amazon Technology & E-commerce 1.5 million+
Apple Technology 154,000+
IBM Technology 350,000+
Meta (Facebook) Technology 87,000+


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