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An SEO Agency Founded in Ireland

Primary Position was founded in Ireland in 2004 by our founder, David Quaid.

A Leading Force in Search Marketing

Founded in 2005 as a specialist Search Marketing consultancy, Primary Position has established itself as a premier SEO agency. Since 2006, we’ve consistently ranked among the top SEO providers in Ireland, solidifying our reputation for excellence in Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Our journey began in the National Technology Park, and we’ve grown to encompass offices in Dublin, Cork, and Galway. We proudly serve clients across the UK, Ireland, the European Union, and the United States.

Beyond achieving industry dominance, our core mission is to empower our clients. We collaborate with leading businesses to craft high-performing SEO and PPC campaigns, prioritizing a Return on Investment (ROI)-driven approach. Our deep understanding of consumer behavior and the ever-evolving internet landscape fuels our success.

Understanding SEO in Ireland

The digital landscape is experiencing explosive growth. Consumers are increasingly connecting, researching, and purchasing online. Search isn’t shrinking; it’s expanding at an unprecedented pace. People rely on the internet to find the right products, services, and businesses at the best prices. This exponential growth applies not only to consumer spending but also to B2B transactions, with traditional non-ICT companies leading the charge.

Leveraging our extensive search expertise, proven campaign execution, and the increasingly intertwined nature of search and social networks, Primary Position offers a comprehensive suite of services. Our unparalleled understanding of the web translates into dynamic Digital Strategy development. We craft unique, customized strategies that maximize the potential of each platform for your specific needs.

In essence, we combine our industry-leading knowledge with a deep understanding of your business to deliver unmatched digital success.

A Local Irish Experience

Primary Position currently has clients and Partners in

  • Dublin
  • Cork
  • Limerck