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Building the Best SEO Agency for Startups

At Primary Position, NYC’s #1 SEO Company, we’ve built our reputation on SEO for Startups. Read our founder’s LinkedIn profile  and our SEO Success Stories to see the startups and over $4 billion in M&A and valuations realized – and that’s just a handful of the 20 Startups we’ve helped grow in the past 5 years

How do we know we’re different?

We’re focused on lead generation. Too many agencies focus on “thought leadership”, Branding, and Awareness – often difficult to gauge/measure and sometimes used to cover a lack of leads emanating from a Search Engine Mmarketing strategy gone awry.

At Primary Position, we are the thought leaders in an SEO Strategy based on Google’s practices as well as how to measure the success of SEO

SEO vs Growth Hacking

Search engines and Startup Marketing shouldn’t just be limited to SEO – Growth Hacking is an integral overlap of what we do – to make sure content reaches the widest range possible. This means we also bring YouTube B2B Marketing, one of our signature success strategies, Reddit and and integrated Social strategies. We do not want to manage your social posting platform – we want to extend your reach via Google search and Social.

SEO Metrics and KPI

Our primary goal is to drive leads and interest, create and generate demand, and have brand awareness as a side effect. Brand Awareness in Digital Marketing is a broad term that is often misunderstood and widely used to cover fun activities with little Business ROI.

We understand that businesses need leads. An easy way to tell if a Brand Awareness campaign has gone too wide is to look at leads. If, after 6 months, you aren’t seeing leads, then you’re not getting through to the right person. The right person does not want to be advertised to – and that’s the fundamental problem with “brand awareness” that marketers often get wrong. Search works as a lead generation tool simply because the right person is looking for you: and there is no better lead generation method. Google’s Ad Revenues are $278 billion per year – more than Facebook + Meta + LinkedIn + Reddit + 6Sense + Instagram COMBINED! And that’s just a paid search. 50% of all sales – including LFTV originate at a search. 

Despite its heavy success in recruiting life-long consumer buyers, both Amazon and Apple are Google’s BIGGEST customers.

SEO Lead Generation = Better Funding

Key to startups securing funding rounds is demonstrating an easy-to-access market. Demonstrating that people need your product is one thing, showing scalable volumes is another. Startups who spend too large a % of revenue on marketing scare investors off.

We are focused on finding the buyer, mapping their digital customer journey and bringing them in the door. We help fill pipeline, lead nurturing funnels and help build the necessary reports to demonstrate how a startup is moving towards these goals. We are invested in your growth and success, not just your vanity metrics.

PPC and SEO working together

At Primary Position, we believe that PPC and SEO are different but inseparable. The PPC user is indistinguishable from the organic user with the exception that their intent and readiness to buy is much higher – the Ad click user knows that an advertiser is ready to engage and has a tailor-made solution – they are no longer researching but want to speak to someone to help them find the right solution for their problems.

We manage both and leverage both to get to the right keywords faster. We Know how to do SEO right!


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