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What about ChatGPT, Google and SEO

ChatGPT has sparked conversation and controversy around the world since its launch by OpenAI in 2022 and the more recent announcement that it will integrate with Microsoft’s Bing search engine. But many Google skeptics (yes, they still exist) have resurfaced sounding the death knell (again) without understanding how a democratic search catalog system works. We’re here to help explain it!  So What is ChatGPT? and how will it impact you, your SEO strategy, and your content production?

How will ChatGPT change search?

ChatGPT and AI will be able to understand more complex search phrase questions and translate them into better search structures for search engines. ChatGPT will integrate with Microsoft’s Search engine – Bing, while Google has launched its Test Kitchen from its Deep Mind.

Will ChatGPT change SEO content?

While ChatGPT can write quite quickly and look reputable, after a few iterations, patterns emerge where ChatGPT just doesn’t have the same depth as an experienced professional or expert. This content is easily detectable by Google. But as Google only picks 10 pages in its page 1 Search Positions, and almost all search phrases have over a million results, ChatGPT content is just likely to widen the base of an ever-increasing content pyramid – which will likely discourage the practice.

Why won’t ChatGPT be a major Challenger to Google?

There are 4 reasons why ChatGPT won’t be a major challenge to Google:

  1. There is more than one answer to each question
  2. ChatGPT doesn’t have the entirety of the Google worldwide database\
  3. ChatGPT cannot determine which result is “better”
  4. What made Google the de factor best search engine is its democratization of search instead of intellectual grading of results and that human memory to trust Google has been around for 20 years, a problem that ChatGPT doesn’t attempt to solve.