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SEO For Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real-Estate SEO Strategy

Start by researching high-intent keywords that reflect your niche and target market. This could be “retail space for lease in [city]” or “warehouse properties with rail and road access.” Next, start building informative content like market reports, area guides, and property listings optimized for those investors. Beyond your website, establish on line relationships with relevant groups like industry publications, local business directories, and chambers of commerce.

This strong SEO focus on valuable content and strategic relationships will establish your website as a trusted resource, attracting qualified leads and boosting your ranking in Google’s search results.

Commercial Real-Estate SEO Check-list

Successful SEO Strategies for Commercial center around:

  1. Strong Brand performance
  2. Local SEO
    1. Local Reviews
    2. Google My Business / Google Business Profile
    3. NAPs
  3. Networking
    1. Local Business Networks
  4. Event Marketing
    1. Mirroring this online