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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing to put it succinctly is the use of various marketing methodologies to best exploit the massive numbers of people now using social media and the connected nature of those people.

What is Social Media though?

Social media is a phenomenon that has brought millions of people on line in a very connected way. Essentially social media sites allow people to connect in a simple way to people they know or have a common interest with and to share all types of content and media with each other. The huge growth in social media are less to do with the medium itself and more to do with the change in the formats it can be consumed. HIgh speed broadband saturation of the PC and Laptop market and of course the exponential increase in the number of connected mobile devices (both phone and tablet) as well as the increases in speed and performance of these devices are massive contributors. These are things that should be kept in mind.

The rise of Social Media Marketing

Anything that gathers a great number of people together in a recognisably similar format gets a generic name (in this case Social Media) and any large group in a similar format will spawn marketing strategies and tactics to market to them. We call that Social Media Marketing.

A different approach

At Primary Position we have a different approach to Social to most Social Media Marketers. We don’t use buzzwords and we measure meaningfully.

Vanity stats. We don’t believe that having 50,000 likes as a vanity measure is important if 45,000 of them are in a territory you don’t serve. Targeted campaigns to build a relevant user base over time is far more valuable.

Context is important. If your content goes “viral”, is it important if it’s not among the people you need to reach? Ensuring that not only do you target teh right people but that you target them with the right content is a vital component of your strategy.

Slow and meaningful. WE think that building a real presence over time is more valuable and important than driving pure numbers. It also drives more bottom line value in the longer term.

Social Advertising? Yes Advertising! Social Media is not FREE. And anyone who tells you it is, is foolish. In order to reach adequate numbers through Social Media Marketing it’s vital to have well managed campaigns that target relevant users with relevant content, both to drive user numbers and to promote content. This can enhance your reputation as well drive business.

It’s an investment. The benefits of marketing through Social Media are myriad. They can help awareness, brand trust, and drive direct traffic and sales. It is part of a marketing investment though. A well tailored Social Marketing Plan can help to create marketing assets that can be used repeatedly for the future.

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