Ireland’s Leading
SEO Consulting Firm

Primary Position was launched in 2005 as a specialist Search Marketing consultancy with
an emphasis on being an expert SEO Consultancy. From 2006 to present, we’ve maintained a top ranking
in Ireland for SEO. Our name has become synonymous with being the best in Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
We have offices in Dublin, Cork and Galway, and our clients are based in
the UK, Ireland, across the EU and in the United States.


Our goal isn’t to just be the best in our field, but to work with the best clients to create the most successful SEO and PPC Campaigns, but to deliver a programme built around Return on Investment. We’ve learned a lot about Search Marketing because we’ve learnt a lot about consumers and how the internet works.

The number of people connecting, using, researching and buying online is growing exponentially. Instead of search getting smaller, its expanding faster now than it ever has. Not only are more people searching – they’re searching more often. People perceive the internet to produce the right results, the right price and all from the right businesses. While consumer spend is huge, the value of B2B transactions are also large. The fastest area of growth is from traditional, non-ICT companies.


Using our vast experience with Search, our own knowledge base and organic expertise based on successful campaign execution, and the growing relationship between search and social networks, our ever evolving offering now includes more than ever.

Our complete end-to-end understanding of the web is encapsulated by our Digital Strategy development. Unique, tailor made and never beaten, we will apply our best thinking to your offering. This digital strategy will then help assemble where we need to work and how to maximise each platform individually.

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