I was recently emailed about google adwords by a friend on behalf of a colleague. They had asked them if it was possible to tell how much the CPC for particular keywords will be in a particular market.

cheap hero, google adwords

The ultimate “Cheap Hero” – Heath Ledger in “A Knight’s Tale” – Are you gonna beat the odds too?

The answer to this is… No it isn’t!

Why do people ask questions like this about Google Adwords though?

It occurred to me that I hear this question quite a bit and, once upon a time, it was a question I might’ve asked myself. So I see where it comes from. It comes from fear of the unknown.

Some people fear that online PPC advertising spending might be unpredictable, as other advertising mediums give you the price up front enabling easier planning. I have an answer to that though.

Utter Poppycock I say

Other mediums charge you for something of notional not definite value. You only pay for Adwords when they deliver. You can set your daily budget so you don’t spend more than you want. Easy. So there’s no need to be afraid of paid search advertising. It’s the most predictable, measurable, results driven advertising you will ever use. I will leave you with some advice though. Don’t bet on being a Cheap Hero.

Don’t be cheap!

If you want results, invest like you would in traditional advertising. If you want a real substantial return from an advertising campaign you have to make a real investment.

Don’t be a Hero!

If you are making a real investment, then it has to be actively managed by someone who know’s what they’re doing, like any investment. I’ve seen enough money wasted in google adwords campaigns that started out being managed internally, to happily see off the indebtedness of a small nation (as long as the small nation isn’t Ireland)*.

*This may be an exaggeration but you get the idea. A lot of money is wasted for no reason.

Cheap Heroes die fast

Just like back in the days of yore (whoever he was), cheap heroes die quickly.

There is the occasional noble exception who wins through with rusty armour and a crooked sword, putting his life on the line and gaining his fortune and the hand of the fair and noble princess. These are the exception though, the cheap hero usually dies, horribly and brutally, and pretty quickly. It’s all very noble but it’s not very bright.

The guys who  always won through, in the days of Knights Errant and Noble Quests, were the Princes and Nobles who invested properly in the best armour and weaponry, and then got a professional, who knew what they were doing, to wear them in their place. Better chance of winning and you’re not dead if you lose. Take a lesson from history.


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