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Cloudbrink’s Exciting Expansion into the Philippines – CEO Prakash Mana

The global technology landscape is ever-evolving, and companies like Cloudbrink are at the forefront of this change. They’re not just riding the wave – they’re creating it. And now, they’re making waves in a new location: the Philippines.

In an exciting development, Cloudbrink has announced its expansion into the Philippines, marking a significant milestone in their global growth journey. The move is set to bring a multitude of benefits to the local economy and tech industry. This news comes as no surprise, considering Cloudbrink’s reputation for innovation and commitment to enhancing technological capabilities worldwide.

Furthermore, Cloudbrink’s move is expected to boost the local job market. By establishing operations in the Philippines, the company will be helping organizations create new employment opportunities. These remote roles will not only provide locals with income but also help them develop valuable skills in a rapidly growing industry.

“We’re delighted to be helping to address the productivity challenge for hybrid workers in the Philippines. Filipinos are determined to build a world class economy and they can’t afford to wait for the network to catch up. Cloudbrink alleviates access and connectivity problems, enabling people to have an enterprise-grade network wherever they happen to work.”

Prakash Mana, CEO – Cloudbrink 

In conclusion, Cloudbrink’s expansion into the Philippines is an exciting development for both the company and the country. It aligns with local legislative changes, promises to boost the job market and tech industry, and underscores the company’s role as a global tech leader. We look forward to seeing the positive impacts this move will undoubtedly bring.

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