Congrats to WHPR/Ogilvy: Why we sponsored the Best Agency award at the #sockies

You may know that we sponsored the Best Agency award at The Social Media Awards last Thursday. We’ve already said our thanks and congrats for the night but we thought we’d tell you why we sponsored this award and to congratulate WHPR/Ogilvy on winning the category.

Why Sponsor it?

Well we’re big fans of Social Media here in PrimaryPosition having run many different types of campaigns for large and small clients. We’re mostly recognised as an SEO shop but as any good online marketer knows having only that string to your bow won’t get you very far. We recognise the importance of great work at an agency level in this area. Social media can be a boon to any type of online marketing aiding in SEO, Content Distribution, Social Interaction and Customer service and e-commerce (traditionally a PPC dominated area) to name but a few. The potential for the future is enormous, and we felt that celebrating the agencies who have the clarity of vision and the focus to be working on the edges of social innovation for their clients, is more than a worthwhile thing, but that it is a necessary thing. So we sponsored the award and had a great night out. So glad we did.

Congrats to WHPR/Ogilvy!

We got the opportunity to briefly meet the WHPR/Ogilvy team when they had their photo taken. They seemd like a really great bunch. It’s a shame we missed them at the bar.

WHPR/Ogilvy winner Best Agency Social Media Awards 2012


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