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SEO Near Me New York (NYC)

When you’re looking for the right agency in the biggest city in the country, where do you start? Probably near you – you can’t beat an Agency that’s on the ground ready to hit the ground running.

Right Data, Right SEO Agency

Something we get asked a lot on Reddit: How to hire/ identify the right SEO agency or provider. This also means “How to avoid the wrong SEO agency.” This is the answer with the most upvotes.

Also, now that the API Leak is available, we know how important backlinks still are – like 100%, quantities and the values of each link are always up for discussion, broadly speaking. But there are as much as 20% of SEOs who want you to believe that links count. Then, you can safely add 50-75% who can’t build links (feedback from anyone on this if you disagree) – as nobody would really be coming here saying I can’t rank if they can build links safely.

And for those that can’t – they buy links – and that’s dangerous. And if you’re penalized, you’re penalized. Thats why, in my book, the provider MUST demonstrate rank

  1. Provider must demonstrate they can rank – too many don’t even have a website
  2. Provider must have a portfolio you CAN and DO contact
  3. Provider must have reports that show progression
  4. Check your get-out clause
  5. Understand how you’re getting from A to B to C to. G to H to Z

5.1 – most relationships go south when the client is told to be patient between A and Z

6. Check the reports you’re going to get – most low-quality providers are going to give you reams of SERP reports or Audit reports that frankly have little SEO value.

For example – so many SEO tools and way too many SEOs think a page title has a length and the API Warehouse of 2,700 documents shows absolutely no title length. That doesn’t mean you can put as many as you want – putting in more isn’t actually good – I’m just pointing at the futility of an arbitrary number of length as an SEO value

Right Reports = Right Start

Most SEO projects seem to go South when it comes to waiting and the question of timing and how long SEO should take. The right reports should allay this issue by showing progression and rate – giving you a sense that not only are things moving but moving in the right direction.

Local SEO Begins at Home: In New York City

Local SEO is heavily reliant on Google My business and review sites, as well as YouTube, whereas B2B SEO is relaint on Desktop Search for Lead Genertion.